Adjutant General of Florida message on 9-11 anniversary

Written by  //  September 11, 2012  //  Recent News

Today you will see flags lowered to half-staff at all of our units and installations. It is a symbolic gesture and a simple way to show our respect to all who lost their lives in the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. 

It has been 11 years since terrorists struck a cowardly blow to America using airplanes in a vain attempt to cripple our nation.  That morning 11 years ago irrevocably changed us as a nation, as a society, and as a National Guard. But contrary to the intent of those terrorists it did not weaken us – it only made us stronger. 

As members of the Florida National Guard we understand that the world after 9-11 is volatile and requires a more ready, relevant and reliable force of citizen-Soldiers and Airmen than ever before. In response to these global demands we have mobilized more than 16,000 Florida Guardsman in support of the Global War on Terror. Whether serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even here in Florida, we honor the nearly 3,000 innocent lives lost 11 years ago and those servicemen and civilians who have died or been wounded defending the freedom this horrific event tried to wrest from us.  Please keep our 18 Florida Guardsmen who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and their families that we owe a never-ending debt of gratitude, in your thoughts.  We must never forget their sacrifice. 

On this eleventh anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks – whether you grieve for the lives lost on 9-11 or simply reaffirm your resolve to uphold the values and traditions inherent to the National Guard – take time to reflect on what makes you an American, a Guardsman and a Patriot.

 Maj. Gen. Emmett Titshaw Jr.
Adjutant General of Florida