News, guidance and resources on government shutdown and furloughs

Written by  //  September 24, 2013  //  Government Shutdown, Sequestration

Government Shutdown Information

Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs – PDF Doc [601 kb]

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News Stories

Shutdown update: Experts say odds of a shutdown now at 64 percent. As the clock ticks closer to midnight on Sept. 30, we’re weighing in regularly with about a half-dozen congressional budget experts to see if they think the government is going to shut down come Oct. 1. Bookmark this post for their latest predictions. We’ll update it often. In America, you can’t walk into a casino and bet on political outcomes. But if you could, we know some people who would advise you to put some money on the government shutting down on Oct. 1. (via Washington Post)

A government shutdown: What federal employees need to know about their pay and benefits. With a potential government funding lapse drawing close, some financial planning now will help federal employees be ready if the money stops Oct. 1. The good news for some is that the money won’t stop. For the most part, this involves those working for agencies that are “exempt” from a shutdown because they don’t get their funding through the congressional appropriations process. (via Washington Post)

With Possible Shutdown Nearing, Obama Looks to Take Budget Fight to G.O.P.
WASHINGTON — Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown on Tuesday, with Republicans threatening to block a budget deal if it includes financing for Planned Parenthood, as President Obama prepared to join the fight by pushing Republicans to scrap a multibillion-dollar tax advantage for private equity managers. In a speech on Wednesday, Mr. Obama is expected to call on Republicans to end the tax break and use the funds to pay for spending increases on domestic and national security programs, and he will enlist business leaders to help him make his case. (via NY Times)