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Government Shutdown Information

DSD Guidance Potential Shutdown – 23SEP13 Signed – PDF Doc [240 kb]

Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs – PDF Doc [972 kb]

Executive Memo – 17 Sept 2013 – PDF Doc [1.11 mb]

Resource list for support – PDF Doc [ 118 kb]

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Financial planning for furlough

News Stories

House Republicans explore strategy to avoid federal government shutdown (The Washington Post)
With federal agencies set to close their doors in five days, House Republicans began exploring a potential detour on the path to a shutdown: shifting the fight over President Obama’s health-care law to a separate bill that would raise the nation’s debt limit.

Memo prepares DOD employees for government shutdown (NGB)
Although Defense Department officials  believe a government shutdown can be avoided when the new fiscal year begins  Oct. 1, they want DOD employees to be prepared for the possibility, Deputy  Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a memo issued to the workforce Monday.

8 Things To Know About A Government Shutdown (NPR)
In seven days, the federal government runs out of money. While the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a resolution Friday that keeps the government funded through Dec. 15, the measure also defunded President Obama’s signature health care law — which means it has virtually no chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

After past shutdowns, Congress gave federal workers back pay. This time? Don’t count on it. (The Washington Post)
A government shutdown next week would jeopardize the paychecks of more than 800,000 federal workers who could be told to stay home. More than 2 million other employees who are deemed essential by the government — including the active military — would be entitled to their salaries but might not get paid on time.

Shutdown looming, Senate begins debating spending measure (The Washington Post)
The Senate’s top two Republicans announced Monday that they will not support a conservative revolt in the GOP ranks that seeks to dismantle President Obama’s 2010 health-care law.

Most government employees would work through shutdown (USA Today)
If Congress doesn’t pass a new spending bill in the next week, the federal government will shut down on Oct. 1.

Officials: Pentagon looks to cut furlough days (Army Times)
Senior Pentagon leaders are taking another look at sharply reducing the number of unpaid furlough days that department civilians will have to take in the coming months, suggesting they may be able to cut the number from 14 to as few as seven, defense officials said Thursday.

CSA: Sequestration to have cumulative impact (
One of the effects of sequestration, which went into effect March 1, could be the reduction of the Army’s end strength by 100,000, including some Guard and Reserve, the Army’s chief of staff told members of Congress.

Furloughs can begin April 26, DOD Comptroller says (
Unless Congress acts to end sequestration, furloughs for Defense Department civilian employees can begin April 26, the department’s comptroller said here today.

Message from The Adjutant General of Florida, Maj. Gen. Emmett R. Titshaw Jr. (DMA)
Sequestration and Continuing Resolution Impacts to the Florida National Guard

Chiefs to Congress: Fiscal crisis threatens U.S. military edge (National Guard)
America’s military superiority is founded on training and readiness, and the fiscal crisis facing the country threatens to strip away that edge, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress on Tuesday.

Furloughs could affect Guard techs, not active Soldiers
National Guard members nationwide, especially military technicians, could be affected by sequestration and the Defense Department’s furlough of civilian employees without pay.

Sequestration to have immediate and lasting impacts on Florida National Guard (Florida Guard Online)
In the coming weeks, more than 900 Florida National Guard civilian employees – many of them uniformed Guardsmen – could be affected by furloughs triggered by sequestration.

Secretary issues message to DoD workforce on Sequestration  (Florida Guard Online)
With major, across-the-board defense spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta today issued a message to the Defense Department workforce.

Grass: Sequestration devastating to National Guard, Defense Department (National Guard)
Sequestration and a yearlong continuing resolution would significantly hinder the National Guard’s ability to protect and defend the homeland, Army Gen. Frank Grass told the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning.