Florida Department of Military Affairs

The Florida Department of Military Affairs, a state agency created by Chapter 250, Florida Statutes, provides management oversight and administrative support to the Florida National Guard. Directly responsive to the Governor of Florida, the Department operates within the policy guidance and fiscal framework of both federal and state authorities.

St. Francis BarracksThe department represents both Florida National Guardsmen and the thousands more active duty and reserve military members and their families residing in our state.  From military family readiness programs to services and support for Florida’s reserve and National Guard military members, the department of Military Affairs is a military family’s advocate in state government.

With over $ 404 million in Federal funds and about $ 24.1 million in state General Revenue funding annually, the Department manages a force of about 12,000 National Guard members, over 1,900 full time Military Personnel, and 321 state employees. Together, the Department of Military Affairs and the Florida National Guard are committed to serving the vital interests of the nation, the state, local communities, and Florida’s citizens.

In accordance with Chapters 250, 251 and 252, Florida Statutes, The Adjutant General is specifically tasked with (1) the combat readiness and emergency preparedness of the Florida National Guard, (2) responding to disasters and civil disturbances, (3) reducing the importation of controlled substances, and (4) assisting Floridians at risk.