Building Readiness


Florida's Infrastructure Issues - Military

Florida’s Infrastructure Issues

Military Leaders

The global requirements of the past decade have pushed the Florida National Guard quickly into the 21st Century with better equipment and training. Yet Florida’s infrastructure has not advanced at the same pace as much as the rest of the nation. Read More



Florida's Infrastructure Issues - Federal

Florida’s Infrastructure Issues

Federal Leaders

Military equipment and training advances have produced highly qualified National Guard units. However, the readiness centers to support these Guardsmen and their equipment have not advanced at the same pace. Read More



Florida's Infrastructure Issues - State

Florida’s Infrastructure Issues

State Leaders

Increased deployments over the past decade have produced better-trained and equipped Florida National Guardsmen, capable of responding to missions at home and abroad. However, the armories to support these Guardsmen have not advanced since the mid-1960s. Read More



Florida's Infrastructure Issues - Community

Florida’s Infrastructure Issues

Community Leaders

Many current armories are located in flood zones or storm surge areas; this affects units’ ability to respond locally to disasters. Local armories provide not only a place for Guardsmen to train, but also an assembly place for community events and large gatherings. Read More