Join the Guard Benefits

The Florida Army National Guard has a lot to offer. Not only will members receive the opportunity to serve their country, state and community, but they will also get the chance to travel, try new and exciting adventures (i.e. rappelling, gas chamber, weapons and grenade training) and meet new people. Additionally, there are many cash incentives and benefits available to members of the Florida Army National Guard.

The Guard offers a series of benefits ranging from competitive pay and education assistance to insurance and retirement benefits. A broad range of skills is learned through schools and job training, and leadership opportunities are numerous. Beyond these tangible benefits, most Guard members agree that the greatest benefit is the opportunity to serve their country, state and community.


  • Enlistment Bonus – up to $20,000
  • Prior Service Enlistment Bonus – up to $15,000
  • Extension Bonus – up to $15,00
  • Other Bonuses

College Benefits

  • 100% Tuition Assistance
  • Montgomery GI Bill
  • Montgomery GI Bill Kicker
  • Student Loan Repayment Program

Programs and Incentives

  • Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP)
  • College First Enlistment Option
  • GED Plus Program
  • Split Option Training Program
  • Stripes for Buddies Program
  • College Credits for Promotion

Other Benefits

The Florida Army National Guard offers a variety of other benefits for Guard members and retirees.

  • TRICARE Health Insurance
  • $400,000 Life Insurance Coverage
  • Free Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance
  • Dental insurance coverage
  • Free license plate
  • Reduced cost hunting & fishing license
  • Be eligible for VA home loans and benefits
  • Post exchange & commissary privileges
  • Free space-available air travel
  • 20-year retirement with medical benefits
  • Get a new issue of uniforms
  • Property tax exemptions
  • Recreation facilities
  • Thrift savings plan
  • German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge
  • Fully funded active duty job training

Contact your local recruiter to learn about available benefits and eligibility requirements.