Moving to Florida?

If you are already a Soldier in the Army National Guard and you plan to move to the State of Florida and wish to transfer to the Florida Army National Guard, you’ve come to the right place.

Transfer Process

Prior to relocation, please contact your current Army National Guard unit in order to properly begin the coordination of your transfer. Your unit will let you know what you’ll need to do in order to clear the unit and will subsequently contact the Inter-State Transfer Coordinator (IST) in your State to inform them of your pending move. Your State’s IST Coordinator will then contact the Florida Army National Guard IST Coordinator to obtain a valid position for you. A coordinate transfer between states can be accomplished prior to your relocation by completing an Interstate Transfer Agreement.

Occasionally, Soldiers relocate quickly without ample time to properly coordinate their transfer. When this occurs, Soldiers must contact their current unit of assignment immediately to request an excused absence from training in order to find another unit in the new State (up to 90 days). Please note that you will be required to attend all scheduled drill assemblies with your current unit if the excusal is not granted.

Your current unit will contact State’s IST Coordinator and provide them with the updated address and contact information so they can provide an IST Worksheet to Florida’s IST Coordinator. Your transfer will be coordinated between the respective State IST Coordinators and the Soldier.


If you are currently contracted and eligible for a bonus, every effort will be made to place you in a unit where you will be able to retain that incentive when you move to Florida.

For more information contact the Florida IST Coordinator at 850-294-7343.