Prior Service

Put your prior service experience to work for you! See what the Florida Army National Guard has to offer. Whether you miss the camaraderie, want to earn a commission or just want to add to your retirement, the Florida Army National Guard has a lot to offer.


An enlistment bonus of up to $15,000 may be available to prior service members who have completed their Military Service Obligation but have no more than 16 years total service. The eligibility requirements for enlistment bonuses vary.

Earn a Commission

You may earn a commission by attending the Florida Army National Guard Officer Candidate School (OCS). This program is unique because it allows you to work at your civilian job or go to school while earning a commission. If you attend college, you may qualify for the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. If you are in ROTC, you may also be eligible for the Guard’s Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). Regardless of which of these programs you are accepted into, these benefits may be added to your Montgomery GI Bill benefits.


Continue to add to your retirement plan with the Thrift Savings Plan and your military retirement. At age 60, after at least 20 years of satisfactory military service, you may start collecting retirement pay. Upon retirement, a service member is eligible for Tricare for Life. Your 20 years of service can include any combination of active, reserve and Guard duty, as long as your last eight years are spent in the Army National Guard. Retire at your highest rank! Add up all your military time and look how close you are to 20 years

Paid Training

Employers want experienced and disciplined applicants. The Guard will not only provide you with real-world training in over 200 exciting careers but also instill in you the virtues of a quality work ethic and reliability. When employers see the Guard on your resume, they know they can count on you.

Programs and Incentives

  • Keep Your Past Rank (E-6 & below)
    Return to duty with the same rank you previously held. Check with your recruiter for details.
  • College Credits for Promotion
    Depending on how many classroom semester or quarter hours you have successfully completed prior to enlistment, you could automatically be promoted to E2, E3 or E4.

One Year Enlistment Option

Visit with your recruiter to see if a one year enlistment is an option for you (Try-One Enlistment). You may even qualify for a re-enlistment bonus of up to $15,000 for a six year re-enlistment obligation or a bonus of $7,500 for a three year re-enlistment obligation.