Recruit Sustainment Program

The goal of the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) is to reduce the overall training pipeline loss rate. This is done by creating a strong foundation of training that allows the recruit the ability to achieve success while attending Initial Entry Training (IET) and providing the parent unit a Soldier who is Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) qualified.

The Florida Army National Guard Recruit Sustainment Program prepares Army National Guard Warriors for the successful completion of Basic Combat Training (BCT) and subsequent MOS qualification.  RSP Objectives: The RSP indoctrinates Army National Guard (ARNG) Warriors with the skills required to successfully MOS qualify and return to their units; fit, trained and ready to deploy in support of the ARNG mission by ensuring all Soldiers are:

  • Mentally prepared
  • Administratively correct
  • Physically fit

Success through Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

  • Knowledge. Chain of command, orders, Army Values, team work, UCMJ, ARNG traditions/heritage, discipline, wear /appearance of army uniforms, weapons and equipment familiarization, customs and courtesies, and instill the “YOU CAN” Spirit!
  • Skills. Basic rifle marksmanship, first aid, chemical warfare, map orientation, land navigation, camouflage and communication.
  • Attributes. Dignity and respect, physically fit, self-esteem, confidence, team spirit, self-discipline, problem solving, and become highly motivation.

Physical Training/Weight Control (Get in Shape)
Physical Training (PT) and a routine weigh-in will be an integral part of each drill period to assist the new enlistee in meeting the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) standards and US Army weight control standards. If needed, instruction on the principles of fitness and nutrition will be ongoing and designed to educate RSP soldiers on how they can safely plan and conduct their own physical training programs out of RSP drill weekends.

The Additional Advantages of RSP Training

  • Start earning money RSP Drill Pay.
  • Become eligible for 100% Tuition Assistance.
  • Pass the stripes for skills test for an early promotion
  • Start using up contract time (up to a year)
  • Gain promotions using the “Stripes for Buddies” program.
  • Become a Recruiting Assistance (RA). G-RAP $2,000.
  • Establish your AKO, My Pay, and Virtual Armory web accounts.
  • Gain more valuable knowledge/experience of training (BCT & AIT) from returning soldiers in their last phase of RSP.
  • If available, earn ADSW pay.