Battalion Support Company

The Battalion Support Company is the most diverse of all the companies within a Special Forces Battalion. Over 100 Soldiers are assigned to the company with 35 different Military Occupational Skills (MOS), 4 officer branches, and 1 Warrant Officer branch.

Many personnel assigned to the company have an opportunity to attend special skill training such as: Special Forces Qualification Course, Ranger School, Jumpmaster, HALO, Pathfinder, SCUBA, Rigger, Fast-Rope Master, and Linguist.

The Battalion Support Company has four detachments, each with a unique mission in support of the SF Battalion:

  • Headquarters Detachment
  • Service Detachment
  • Signal Detachment
  • Military Intelligence Detachment

Battalion Support Company


Company Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment

The Company Headquarters provides routine administrative and logistical support to the Battalion Headquarters Detachment, the companies organic elements, and the Forward Operating Base’s (FOB) Support Center and Signal Center.

The Company Headquarters includes personnel to maintain the Battalion’s diving and marine equipment. When deployed, the Battalion Support Company is responsible for providing security for the operating base.

Service Detachment

The Service Detachment has responsibility for performance of unit level supply, services, and maintenance functions for the base and its attached elements. Service Detachment maintains property accountability and basic loads for the entire Battalion and procures non-standard and SF peculiar supplies and equipment.

Battalion Support CompanyThe supply and transportation section performs consolidated unit level supply functions for the base and its deployed SF teams.

The food service section provides consolidated food service to the base; it establishes and operates a dining facility in the Support Center for 24-hour feeding operations while continuing to conduct remote feeding as required.

The mechanical maintenance section performs consolidate unit level maintenance support for the base’s organic wheeled vehicles and power generation equipment. It coordinates for direct support maintenance and performs recovery operations.

The rigger air delivery section provides personnel and cargo parachute packing, unit level maintenance of air delivery items, rigger support and limited air delivery support to the base.

Signal Detachment

The Signal Detachment has responsibility for two primary functions:

  • Install, operate and maintain secure Forward Operating Base (FOB) radio communications with it’s higher, adjacent, subordinate, supporting, supported headquarters, and deployed SF teams.
  • Install, operate and maintain continuous internal FOB communications.

Base communications support includes communications center services, telephone communications and electronic maintenance.

Military Intelligence Detachment

The MI Detachment has responsibility for providing integrated all source intelligence collection management, analysis, production, and dissemination in support of Battalion level situation and target development. These functions correspond to those performed by the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) of a conventional military intelligence unit.

The MI Detachment establishes and operates a tactical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in the FOB center and provides Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) communication between the FOB and the deployed SF teams.

The MI detachment also has three organic Special Operations Teams. These teams deploy with SF teams to provide signal intelligence and electronic warfare support.