Our Family Program’s Mission

Our program’s mission is to:

  • Provide consultation services to commanders and assist them in developing and executing policies, programs, and processes which enhance individual, family and community readiness.
  • Support mission readiness by¬†helping service members and their families adapt to the changes and demands of military life.
  • Assist DOD military and civilian personnel and other eligible uniformed members, military retirees, and their family members and survivors.
  • Ensure service members and their families are prepared for the many demands and responsibilities often associated with activation, mobilization, deployment and demobilization.
  • Ensure commanders incorporate the Family Program Office as a required stop on all in and out processing checklist.
  • Collaborate with local agencies, uniformed services and other service delivery agencies to enhance the quality of life initiatives during steady state and contingency operations.
  • The Family Program staff (volunteers, contractors, civilian employees, and technicians) will not assume responsibility for services and programs that fall within the scope of other agencies.
  • Services will focus on: proactive outreach, community readiness, resilience, individual and family readiness, and commander consultation and support. In conjunction with the unit designated Family Readiness point of contact, the Family Program personnel will consult with the unit to routinely assess family readiness, strengths, resources and concerns.
  • Assist unit leadership in the development and establishment of procedures within each unit to contact and routinely follow up with families of deployed unit members.