Military Honors Services

Firing Detail

Full Honors


Wanted: Buglers. Must be able to play Taps. Audition is required.

Full Honors funerals are reserved for Soldiers that die or are killed while on active duty, or Medal of Honor recipients, and may consist of 21 Soldiers to perform the following:

  • One detail NCO or Officer in-charge
  • Six pallbearers
  • One firing party NCO
  • Seven man firing party
  • One bugler
  • Four man color guard
  • Military Chaplain

Modified Full Honors (Seven Person Detail)

The Seven Person Detail is reserved for all retired military service members, National Guard members not killed in action, and active duty military members not killed in action.  The Seven Person Detail provides at a minimum:

  • Pall bearers / firing party
  • Playing of Taps
  • Flag folding
  • Flag presentation
  • Military Chaplain (if available)

Veterans Honors

Folding FlagVeterans Honors are reserved for all honorably discharged veterans.  Veterans Honors provides a minimum of three military members.  The three person detail consists of the following positions:

  • Detail leader
  • Two or three person team
  • Playing of Taps
  • Flag folding
  • Flag presentation